Land-Based Gambling In New York

Looking for places to gamble in-person in New York? This page is just what you need as it is designed to not only reveal which options exist but also to provide direction to which are the best, most popular, and/or most trusted. The state is poised to have a land-based gaming expansion in the near future so this page could change in the meantime. Please keep checking back or drop us a line at if we're missing something!

Land-Based Casinos In New York

There are more than a dozen land-based casinos in New York. They stretch across the state from Buffalo to Queens. Each casino in New York presents something unique for those interested in playing there. Seneca Casinos have a large presence in the state, making up five of the 17 land-based options there. Players can expect to find a ton of great casinos games. This includes a wide variety of slot machines + table games. Classic favorites such as blackjack, craps, and roulette can be expected. Residents in New York seem to favor the expansion of gambling as well. A vote in November of 2013 was in favor of expanding casinos in the state by adding an additional seven non-Indian casinos.

Land-Based Poker In New York

Like casinos, land-based poker can be played in New York legally. There are designated rooms around the state that allow for regulated poker to take place. Poker players can expect different types of poker to be played. This also includes the structure of the formats. Limit tables + tournaments can be found. Games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha and others can be played for real money. There are about a half-dozen regulated land-based poker rooms in New York.

Land-Based Sports Gambling In New York

There are no land-based sportsbooks in New York. Of the big three areas of gambling (poker and casinos being the other two), sports betting has been the biggest target of several federal laws. The most notable law is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This is a law that has been in place since 1992, banning land-based sports betting in all but four states. There are states that have tried to get PASPA repealed. The state leading the charge is New York's neighbor New Jersey. However, New Jersey has been unsuccessful in its attempts.

For New York residents that seek legal sports betting, online sportsbooks are the best options. There are no Internet sports betting sites that are regulated in New York. The legal website options are based offshore outside of federal regulation. The laws against online sports betting in the U.S. + New York omit individuals placing the wager. Therefore, New York players can legally place a real-money wager on sports online.

Land-Based Horse Betting In New York

There are two types of horse betting regulated in New York. There is the wagering that takes place at a track, and there is 'off-track betting'. The latter wasn't legalized in New York (only New York City) until 1970. An off-track betting site must operate within 60 miles of a track for it to be legal. Of course, New York's most famous horse track is Belmont Park. This is the home of the third-leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes. Millions of dollars is bet on the Belmont Stakes at both off-track sites and on the grounds. Either of the two horse betting options is legal + done on land in New York.

Land-Based Bingo In New York

Land-based bingo is available to residents in New York. In total, there are 173 bingo halls in the state. Cities like Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and the capital city Albany are home to many. The Bingo Control Commission Acts of 2004 regulates bingo in New York. Currently, only charitable bingo is legal. To apply for a bingo license, organizations must have a charitable cause or cover one of several very specific categories. This is under the regulation of the Bingo Licensing Law.

Is New York A Pro-Gambling State?

There are arguments on both sides of the equation. Certainly New York does not have the overt interest in the expansion of gambling like New Jersey and Nevada. However, residents + visitors to the state have plenty of opportunities to legally gamble in New York at casinos, poker rooms, on horses, and bingo halls. If you want to bet sports, you'll have to go online. There is the option to fly to Nevada and Delaware also.

Online gambling might be the way to go though. All options are on the table for New York residents of-age to gamble in the state (21). Whether it's slots, betting on the NFL, or playing poker, there are legal gambling sites accepting New York players. Online gambling is no longer limited to the computer screen either. The option to go mobile and gamble on-the-go is readily available at many sites. This means that rather than driving to a destination, the option to play is always on you.

Legal Gambling In New York

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