Betting + Gambling Laws In NY

New York has several gambling laws, but none of them deal with online gambling. The state lacks licensed online gambling facilities because it has not legalized and regulated online gambling. On the brighter side, the state does not prosecute residents playing for real money at offshore online gaming sites.

This page provides comprehensive information about New York’s land gambling and online gambling laws. Besides, it also answers the question of whether it is legal to gamble in New York.

What Do New York’s Gambling Laws Say?

New York has a set of vague, outdated gambling laws that can be interpreted in several ways. Although none of them directly talk about online gambling, it may be argued that they can be applied to online gambling too.

Section 225.00(2) has a definition of gambling, which says that gambling is the act of wagering something of value on a game of chance on the understanding that the gambler will receive something of value in case of a certain outcome. Section 30-19.1(B) goes on to define games of chance as those games, contests, gambling devices, or gaming schemes, the outcome of which depends on “an element of chance” even though skills and strategies might also be considered essential for the game.

New York has regulated certain forms of gambling such as pari-mutuel betting, casino gaming, and lottery games, and residents can legally play these regulated games for real money at state-licensed gambling establishments. But gambling in outfits not recognized or licensed by the state is definitely as illegal as operating such unlicensed businesses.

Fortunately for players, New York is not that interested in prosecuting individuals caught playing illegal games, but operators of unlicensed gambling businesses could face a series of charges in the state.

Section 225.00(3) addresses the issue of home games. Accordingly, home games are legal as long as they are played among equals and nobody profits financially from the games. New York is therefore, home to plenty of social games. New York also has a booming charity gaming industry, with games such as raffles, bingo, bell jars, and casino nights in the state’s list of legal charity games.

No law in the state’s books clearly mentions Internet gaming. In the absence of laws that can be used to prosecute them, residents can legally and safely play at offshore online gambling sites. However, there are no licensed online gaming sites in New York

So, Is It Legal To Gamble Online In New York State?

Since the state has regulated several forms of gambling, it is perfectly legal for residents to gamble at state-licensed facilities. Residents can play real money games such as video poker, slots, keno, and table games at New York’s Indian casinos. The state is also home to racinos, which offer pari-mutuel betting facilities and some types of casino games. Residents as well as visitors can legally conduct and take part in social games and state-run lottery games.

Since New York has not officially regulate online gambling, it does not license or authorize any online gambling business in its jurisdiction. But residents can legally play for real money at legal gambling sites that take NY residents because there is no law that specifically prohibits residents from doing so. On these pages, we have listed a number of licensed offshore online gaming sites for New York residents.

Legal Gambling In New York

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